Academy of Distinguished Teachers

The Academy of Distinguished Teachers (ADT) recognizes faculty who have won teaching awards here at GW.

The mission statement of the ADT is to recognize, foster, and promote a tradition of excellence in teaching.

We achieve this by

  • respecting diversity in teaching;
  • advocating for quality in teaching, creating tangible impact at all levels;
  • modeling a commitment to teaching, and
  • engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Faculty from all across GW are members of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers. You can browse some of their profile pages by clicking on their names below.

Abby Wilkerson
Adrienne Hancock
Albert May
Alexander Dent
Amita Vyas
Andrew Zimmerman
Arun Malik
Benjamin Blatt
Bethany Cobb-Kung
Bruce Dickson
Cayo Gamber
Christine PIntz
Christoher Klemek
Clay Warren 
David Morris
Derek Malone-France
Denver Brunsman
Dolores Perillan
Edward Helfers
Elise Friedland
Ellen Goldman
Eric Cline
Esther Emard
Frank Lee
Frank Slaby
Gaetano Lotrecchiano
Holly Dugan
Houston Miller
Ines Azar
Irene Foster
James Scott
Jeanette Krum
Jacqueline Barnett
Jennifer Halvaksz
Jerry Feldman
Jocelyne Brant
Joel Teitelbaum
Joseph Bonin
Joseph Dymond
Julia Frank
Juliet Lee
Karen Schlumpf
Katherine Kennedy
Kimberly Acquaviva
Larrie Greenberg
Linda Gallo
Linda Werling
Margaret Gonglewski
Marcia Firmani
Maria de le Fuente
Mark Mullen
Martin Zysmilich
Mary Buckley
Natalia Romanova
Patricia Latham
Phil Jacks
Rahul Simha
Richard Robin
Richard Tollo
Robert Eisen
Robert McRuer
Shoko Hamano
Steve Roberts
Terry Hufford
Yolanda Haywood