Leave of Absence/Sabbaticals

The Provost must approve sabbaticals and leaves following the approval process at the school level and in accordance with school’s timetable.

Leaves other than the sabbatical leaves may be granted for various purposes, such as a visiting professorship at another institution or service in a governmental agency. Applications should be made to the department chair, who shall forward it to the Dean, and ultimately to the Office of Faculty Affairs for further action by the Provost.

Faculty Code - Governing the Academic Personnel of the University (page 2)


Sabbatical leave is granted to members of the faculty as recognition of notable service through teaching and scholarly contributions and as an aid and inspiration to further achievements. Sabbatical leave is intended to provide faculty with opportunities for scholarly development and contacts which shall contribute to their professional effectiveness and to the value of their later service to The George Washington University.

Faculty Code - Governing Sabbaticals (page 15)

Sabbatical Application

Medical Leave

The university supports its employees' ability to balance their work and home lives by providing several leave of absence options, with certain restrictions and limitations, including leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act(s).