The Office for Faculty Affairs provides innovative resources and meaningful guidance to ensure that all faculty members thrive throughout their lifecycle at the university. The Office works to ensure that faculty are well-positioned to transform students into citizen/leaders through high quality instruction and expand the frontiers of knowledge through faculty scholarship and research. From recruitment to retirement and beyond, Faculty Affairs works collaboratively with all campus stakeholders to establish and maintain a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and internationally recognized academic community of scholars. 

Faculty Affairs Office

Christopher BraceyChristopher Bracey
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Aaron Kramer, Manager of Faculty Affairs Operations
[email protected] | 202-994-5884


Valerie Brown, Faculty Personnel Assistant
[email protected] | 202-994-5963

Debra Churos, Director, Part-Time Faculty Administration
[email protected] | 202-994-4329

Jeff Cornell, Faculty Affairs Coordinator, Data Analysis
[email protected] | 202-994-6511 

Nura Kinge, Faculty Affairs Recruitment Specialist
[email protected] | 202-994-7503

Aaron Kramer, Manager of Faculty Affairs Operations
[email protected] | 202-994-5884

Ashley Maas, Full-Time Faculty Personnel Coordinator
[email protected] | 202-994-6527

Shelese Smith, Director, Full-Time Faculty
[email protected] | 202-994-7456

Danielle Swails, Administrative Supervisor for Faculty Affairs Operations
[email protected] | 202-994-2322

Society of the Emeriti

Cassandra Wiseman, Executive Assistant & Society of Emeriti Coordinator
[email protected] | 202-994-0143

Technology Commercialization Office

Joyce Arregui, Program Manager

[email protected] | 202-994-5866

Brian Coblitz, Senior Licensing Associate

[email protected] | 202-994-4345

Gelu Comanescu, Licensing Associate

[email protected] | 202-994-8975

Steven Kubisen, Managing Director

[email protected] | 202-994-8394

Mary Rose Luceri, Program Coordinator/Paralegal

[email protected] | 202-994-1917