Annual Reporting

All regular, active-status and research faculty members are required to file annual reports. In certain circumstances schools may require other categories of faculty to periodically submit annual reports, e.g., as part of a re-accreditation review. Annual reports document accomplishments from June 1 to May 31 for the preceding year. They are due to department chairs by May 31 each year. (Note: Faculty in the schools of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing are on a May to April cycle.) Annual reports are filed electronically through the online Lyterati system.

Lyterati can be accessed through the following links:, under Resources

Annual reports filed through the electronic system are available to chairs and deans for review and comment online.


Lyterati Annual Reporting System

Sign in with your GW UserID and email password. If you do not know that password, contact GW IT support at (202) 994-GWIT (4948) or

What Lyterati Does

With Lyterati GW faculty members can:

  • File a Faculty Annual Report.
  • Maintain an online Academic History, which can be used to generate a custom CV.  The non-confidential data in the Academic History can also be used by administrators to produce various reports (department, school, university).
  • Choose to share your teaching, research, scholarship and/or service electronically with other scholars and researchers within the GW University community.
  • Limit other faculty's ability to search on your data.

Lyterati and your Academic History

The Lyterati categories for Academic History are:

  • Background
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Service
  • Awards and Honors

Lyterati and your Annual Report

The Annual Report is a strictly confidential document.

  • The Academic History and the Annual Report are two separate databases within Lyterati.
  • The Annual Report pulls from the Academic History database, but the data from questions labeled “Confidential” in the Annual Report never transfer to the Academic History database.
  • Lyterati automatically organizes this information depending upon the type of report requested. You can amend your Academic History at any time.


The University is committed to maintaining the levels of confidentiality that are expected within a prized academic community. Access to confidential personnel and financial information is limited to authorized entities at GW. To prevent your academic history data from being searched by other faculty, you will need to go into your Academic History - Background Information - Personal Summary and switch the option to have others search your Academic History to NO. If you make this choice, it means that other faculty members looking for collaborators across common research interests will not be able to find you, and it is expected that you will not search for others.


Do not include personally sensitive data such as date of birth, SSN, credit card information in your Academic History.

Lyterati Resources

Lyterati Annual Report Guide for Faculty Members
Lyterati Annual Report Guide for Administrators