Guidelines for Placement: Positions Announcements

Regular Active Status and Special Service Faculty Positions

University policy requires public announcement of all full-time, regular active status (Tenured, Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure Track) and special service faculty positions. We strongly encourage departments to publish announcements as widely as practicable, including placement in professional journals and newsletters.

The University may advertise faculty position announcements in electronic and web-based forms only.  When the criteria below are met, print announcements of faculty positions are no longer required.

Departments will be able to use electronic or web-based only announcements in lieu of print announcements under the following circumstances:

  • The electronic or web-based journal is a national scholarly/professional journal;
  • The faculty position involves some teaching duties; and
  • The position announcement must be posted for at least 30 calendar days on the electronic or web-based journal's website.

To satisfy federal and University documentation requirements, documentation of the placement of an announcement must include evidence of the announcement as it appeared on the first and the last day on the site. This will require departments to do the following:

  • Take a screenshot or print and scan a copy of the web page, which includes the full text, along with legible date stamp and web address, on the first day the 30-day announcement appears on the site and a screenshot or printed and scanned copy of the webpage with the aforementioned “legible” information on the last day the 30-day announcement is to appear on the site.


  • If an announcement is scheduled to appear longer than 30 days, and regardless of whether the announcement was posted additional days before and after the dates documented, documentation must include screenshot or printed and scanned copies of the web page (including, the full text, along with legible date stamp and web address), accounting for 30 or more days.

Failure to comply with these documentation requirements may have significant consequences for the University.

To assist the departments in identifying a national scholarly/professional journal, we advise that the following factors be considered, the electronic publication is:

  • distributed nationally;
  • normally relied upon and prevalent in recruiting for the particular job opening;
  • most likely to maximize the response from able, willing, qualified and available candidates;
  • focused on specialized content beyond a related association's general website;
  • focused on specialized content beyond the wide variety of social, current events, and opinion related pieces found in newspapers of general circulation; and
  • the electronic publication is more than just a job board (e.g. compilation of postings). That is, the announcement must be placed in a national professional journal that contains articles as well as job listings.

If the use of electronic or web-based options does not work for certain disciplines (i.e., a department cannot satisfy the criteria above), at least one position announcement must be placed in an appropriate “print” media (professional journal, Chronicle of Higher Education, etc.).

Questions related to this guidance should be directed to:

Faculty Recruitment 

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