Getting Started

Receiving the Authorization to Fill a Vacant Position

The Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs works with the dean of each school or college to determine the number and types of positions for recruitment during a given period, normally the academic year. The resulting position control plan serves as the school/college comprehensive recruitment plan. Once the comprehensive plan is approved, and as appropriate, dean notifies departments of which positions they are eligible to recruit for during the period. Receiving the authorization to fill a vacant librarian position is governed by the policy and procedures defined by each library.

For various reasons during the academic year, a department may be presented with the need to fill a newly vacant position or to respond to an unplanned, programmatic need with a temporary appointment. Because these unexpected events were not covered in the annual, approved recruitment plan, deans and department chairs must seek approval to fill the position prior to submitting a Recruitment Plan or Waiver request to FRPR

Getting Started in the Department

Working with the department chair or relevant administrator, the search committee should carefully identify the role and responsibilities associated with a position, thoroughly outline the essential functions of the job, all duties and expectations and the authority of a position. This will promote a better understanding of the basic and preferred qualifications (academic degrees, experience, personal qualifications) candidates will need to perform the job successfully and will support the development of position announcements, interview questions, evaluation instruments, etc.

Developing Position Qualifications

In preparing to fill a vacancy, the search committee should carefully identify and agree on a set of written selection criteria to use to evaluate applicants for a particular position. Essentially, selection criteria are the required (basic) and preferred (desired) qualifications for effective job performance. In defining selection criteria, the search committee should focus on the department’s mission, programmatic needs, functional requirements for the position, and critical competencies. Please see Guidelines for Developing Selection Criteria.

Developing the Position Announcement

University policy requires public announcement of all full-time faculty positions, including those with the title of “visiting” and “research,” and all librarian positions. There are, however, exceptions under certain circumstances (See: Variances from the Recruitment Procedures). Announcements should be published as widely as practicable, including placement in professional journals and newsletters and at professional meetings, as well as contact with representatives of relevant departments and schools, by letter, e-mail, etc. Please see Guidelines for Developing Position Announcements and Content of Position Announcements for additional information. Please note that FRPR must approve all position announcements, and changes to approved announcements, prior to placement.

Placement Strategies and Outreach

Departments are encouraged to develop strategies for advertising and other outreach activities that are designed to attract all qualified, interested and available applicants, with emphasis and focus on outreach focus on reaching women and people of color. To reach the widest audience of qualified applicants, please consider not only conventional, but also alternate media of interest. Please see Suggestions for Achieving a Diverse Applicant Pool for additional means to encourage the application of diverse groups.

PeopleAdmin (PA) Posting -- Authorization to Search and Place Position Announcements

Once granted the approval to fill a position, the department/library must submit a written description of its recruitment plans through the appropriate dean/director to FRPR. A PA posting  must be submitted for every regular full-time faculty, certain full-time research faculty, or librarian positions. To avoid processing delays, all applicable fields on this form must be completed and supporting materials, including draft position announcements, must be submitted simultaneously.

Placing Position Announcements

University Relations Advertising is the central GW office responsible for the advertising needs of the different departments of the University. This office is a valuable resource that can assist in all aspects of advertising. Their services include the following:

  • Volume discounts/lowest negotiated rates
  • Ad campaign consultation and media planning
  • Ad design services and copy writing
  • Space reservations with the various media outlets
  • Publication and media research
  • Verification of ad placement
  • Centralized payment services
  • Proofreading and copyediting

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact University Advertising.


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