Documenting Activities and Decisions and Recordkeeping

Careful and detailed documentation is necessary for the efficiency of the search committee, to demonstrate the basis for a particular evaluation or decision or if someone raises questions about the process. Departments and search committees should:

  • Create applicant summaries, i.e., a log recording all bona fide GW applicants and the actions regarding them (e.g., initial application, credentials, decisions made by committee, etc.).
  • Use evaluation instruments to document assessments of an applicant’s curriculum vitae and other .applicant materials.
  • Retain documentation of express statements of disinterest. This documentation is case specific and based on the job seeker’s manner of notification (i.e., email, letter, notes from a telephone call, etc.).*
  • Retain files of individuals who passively removed themselves from consideration, fully documenting the reason for removal, including efforts to contact individuals and the conditions that led to removal.
  • Keep meeting summaries/minutes to document major actions and agreements, to help maintain consistent procedures and to minimize conflict.

*Passive disinterest may be demonstrated by statements in a cover letter or other applicant materials/communications pertaining to salary, location of work, or other needs that may provide the basis to decide that the individual is not interested in the advertised position and, therefore, can be removed from consideration. Passive disinterest may also be shown by a person declining an invitation for an interview, failing to respond to telephone inquiries, emails, etc. asking about continued interest.

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