Faculty Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

Faculty and Investigator activities shall be conducted in a manner that avoid inappropriate conflicts of interest and commitment. Conflicts of interest or commitment may occur when there is a divergence between a Faculty Member’s private interests and professional service to the university. The goal of the university is to establish 1) boundaries within which conflicts are managed, reduced or eliminated, 2) processes for review of actual and apparent conflicts, and 3) appropriate mechanisms for management of conflicts. The university policy on conflicts of interest and commitment and other helpful resources can be found here.

Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

The annual conflict of interest and conflict of commitment disclosure form will be administered by the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Privacy. The form should be accurately completed by the due date provided and if requested, subsequent information should be provided. The disclosure form continues to be a part of the annual reporting process in that a faculty member’s Annual Report will not be considered complete if the disclosure form is incomplete.

A robust and thorough disclosure process ensures that the university is protecting the individuals that make up its community, maintaining institutional and individual reputation, reducing risk, and meeting its compliance obligations. Making a disclosure on the form does not imply wrongdoing. While there may be circumstances in which the university determines that a conflict cannot be managed, the university makes every effort to help members of the community manage and mitigate potential, actual, or perceived conflicts.

Research Compliance and Integrity

The university has a broad range of policies governing research activities in the Research and Finance Sections of the university’s Policies. It is the responsibility of everyone associated with research at GW to comply with federal, state, local laws, regulations and university policies in all aspects of any research conducted on behalf of the university.

Find additional information regarding research compliance here.