Faculty Conflict of Interest

Faculty and investigator activities shall be conducted in a manner that avoid inappropriate conflicts of interest and commitment. Conflicts of interest may occur when there is a divergence between a Faculty Member’s private interests and professional service to the university. The goal of the university is to establish 1) boundaries within which conflicts are managed, reduced or eliminated, 2) processes for review of actual and apparent conflicts, and 3) appropriate mechanisms for management of conflicts. The university policy on conflicts of interest and commitment can be found here.

Annual Conflict of Interest Reporting 

Annual Faculty Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure Reports are due by May 31 as part of the online annual report. The Conflict of Interest form is filed electronically through the Lyterati system and can be found at the end of the annual report. Annual filing is a mandatory obligation of a GW faculty member. Faculty members are also expected to provide updates to their conflict of interest disclosures if new potential conflicts arise during the year. 

Data collected in the annual conflict of interest disclosures are kept confidential and are reviewed by the Compliance and Privacy Office and the Provost’s Office to determine potential conflicts. With notice to faculty members at the time of collection, the data may also be shared with affiliated organizations such as the Children’s National Health System or the Medical Faculty Associates as appropriate.

Research Compliance and Integrity

The university has a broad range of policies governing research activities in the Research and Finance Sections of the university’s Policies. It is the responsibility of everyone associated with research at GW to comply with federal, state, local laws, regulations and university policies in all aspects of any research conducted on behalf of the university.

Find additional information regarding research compliance here.