FAQs for Staff Working with Faculty

Q) How do faculty claim their GW Email and UserID?
A) Faculty can claim their Email and UserID here. Departments should advise all new faculty members that their GW email address will need to be set up prior to the start of classes. (Please note that faculty members will not be able to claim their UserID until they have completed an I-9)

Q) How do I request Full-Time Faculty Personnel Actions?
A) All full-time faculty personnel actions require Provost approval. Actions should be requested via a memorandum from the appropriate dean to the Provost accompanied by supporting documentation. Requests should be sent via email to [email protected]. Staff with questions should contact Faculty Affairs at [email protected] or 202-994-6783.

Q)  How do I obtain a new position number?
A)  Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Employee Class; Position Class, Home Organization, Charge Organization, Account, Start Date, Salary (for single positions), Reports to (for single positions).

QCan we provide pre-employment letters to potential faculty?
A)  The school can provide a pre-employment letter at its discretion. The Provost Office sends out official employment letters.

Q)  What is a normal part-time faculty course load? When does my part-time faculty member need overload approval?
A)  Faculty may teach up to a maximum of nine (9) credit hours per academic year. Overload teaching above that maximum must be due to a circumstance that has received approval from the dean and the Provost. Therefore, please send requests for overload approval to those offices before sending all pertinent paperwork to Faculty Affairs.

Q)  How do I request supplemental compensation for a faculty member?
A)  Supplemental compensation can be requested via the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) system.

Q)  Where can faculty find more information about sabbatical leave eligibility and how to apply?
A)  Information about sabbatical leave can be found here.

Q)  How can my faculty member change their W4 address and/or other contact information?
A)  Staff and faculty have the capability of changing their W4 address, work location and/or other contact information in the GWeb Information System by navigating to “Personal Information Menu” once logged in. If an error is encountered when updating contact information, a request for assistance may be sent to [email protected].

Q) How do my faculty request an employment verification?
A)  Please visit Payroll Services for information regarding The Work Number.

Q) What if I have a faculty member that needs the University to complete the employer section on a specialized form, such as a Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form, a USCIS Form I-485 Supplement J, or an Optional Practical Training Form?
A)  A request for assistance in completing forms specifically pertaining to international faculty should first be sent to the International Services Office (202-994-4477 or [email protected]).  Please contact Faculty Affairs at [email protected] for further guidance or assistance with other kinds of forms.

Q) When is the deadline for Supplemental Check Requests?
A) Supplemental Check Requests must be submitted to payroll no later than 12:00pm on Tuesdays in order to have payment issued on Thursday of the same week. However, certain guidelines for payment do apply:

  • Retro payments due to an adjustment of $500 or more - the payments will be issued if received by the deadline.

  • Retro payments due to an adjustment of $500 or less - the payment will be added to end of the months paycheck.

  • New positions that should have already been paid but was not included in regular payroll run.