Relocation and Moving Allowance for New Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

New regular, full-time faculty may be eligible for reimbursement of certain expenses connected with moving to the Washington area. Reimbursement eligibility may vary by school, but generally covers:

  1. Actual costs of moving household goods (e.g., to a moving company, van rental agency, post office for book shipments), with the maximum amount authorized based on the faculty member's rank, as follows:
  • Professor and Associate Professor: $4,500
  • Assistant Professor and Instructor: $3,000

(If two members of the same family, moving concurrent from the same location, are requesting reimbursement, the total reimbursement shall not exceed $7,500.)

  1. Travel costs in the form of a mileage allowance from point of origin to the Washington, D.C. area. The rate of reimbursement is tied to the IRS business mileage rate (57.5 cents for 2020).

Visiting Faculty

A faculty member on a temporary one-year appointment may be eligible for either the moving allowance or the mileage allowance, whichever is greater. No moving or mileage allowance is available to part-time faculty or to full-time faculty appointed for one semester. 

Request your Reimbursement

To request your reimbursement allowance from the Office of the Provost, please email Gary Stoddard, Administrative Associate ([email protected]), and attach a copy of your appointment letter along with any corresponding evidence that shows you relocated from outside the DC area (e.g., moving company/van rental receipt, old utility bill/lease, copy of drivers license with old address, etc.). If you are also requesting travel costs in the form of mileage, please include a map printout showing the distance between your old and new address.

Once all relevant information has been collected and processed, a lump-sum payment will be submitted for the faculty member to be dispersed at the end of the month in their normal paycheck. 

Please note that due to changes in the tax laws (Spring 2018) all relocation expense reimbursements must be seen as taxable income.