Faculty evaluations are an important tool in supporting teaching excellence and facilitating communication between part-time faculty and administrators. Departments and programs are strongly encouraged to conduct regular evaluations of all part-time faculty.

Additionally, Article VIII of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the part-time faculty union calls for all part-time faculty covered by the agreement to receive an evaluation at least once every two years based on student evaluations for each course.

Article VIII of the CBA also stipulates that regular part-time faculty covered by the agreement must receive an additional more comprehensive evaluation every three academic years of appointment. The following factors are to be considered in the comprehensive evaluation:

•    Review of all student course evaluations and feedback for the three years under review
•    One or more classroom observations
•    Review of the syllabus for the course(s) to be observed
•    Examination of relevant course materials provided in advance of the evaluation by the faculty member
•    Review of duties reflected in the appointment letter or written School, Department, or Program standards
•    Written evaluation report prepared by the evaluator

Part-time faculty who are paid by the course may request a similar comprehensive evaluation once every six semesters of appointment.

The documents below are designed to provide guidance for the evaluation process.

Guidelines for Regular Part-Time Faculty Evaluation

Evaluation Checklist for Regular Part-Time Faculty

Part-time Faculty Syllabus Review Checklist

Recommended Syllabus Template

Classroom Evaluation Form

Administrators with questions or seeking further guidance for part-time faculty evaluations may contact the Director of Part-Time Faculty Personnel Administration at [email protected] or 202-994-4329.