Faculty Appointments

Faculty salaries are paid monthly on the last working day of each month.  Excluding the initial academic-year appointment, a faculty member appointed on an academic-year basis customarily receives nine salary checks from the last day of September to the last day of May.  The faculty member, however, may elect a twelve-payment option (September through August) by requesting that arrangement in writing to the Faculty Personnel Office.

Deferred Compensation Form

However, in the initial academic-year appointment, regular full-time or visiting full-time faculty will be placed in a ten-month (August 1 through May 31) appointment status for purposes of pay and benefit administration.

Moving Allowance for New Faculty

New full-time faculty may be eligible for reimbursement of certain expenses connected with moving to the Washington area.  Reimbursement covers:

1) Actual costs of moving household goods (e.g., to a moving company, van rental agency, post office for book shipments), with the maximum amount authorized based on the faculty member’s rank, as follows:

    • Professor and Associate Professor: $4,500
    • Assistant Professor and Instructor: $3,000

(If two members of the same family, moving concurrently from the same location, are requesting reimbursement, the total reimbursement shall not exceed $7,500.)

Original receipts should be submitted for reimbursement to the Office of Faculty Personnel.

2) Travel costs in the form of a mileage allowance, tied to the IRS rate, from the point of origin to Washington, DC, to underwrite the costs of family travel. No receipts for these expenses are required because the reimbursement is based solely on mileage and is restricted to mileage within the continental U.S.

A faculty member on a temporary one-year appointment is entitled to either the moving allowance or the mileage allowance, whichever is greater. No moving or mileage allowance is available to part-time faculty or to full-time faculty appointed for one semester.

Part-Time Faculty Salaries

Faculty salaries are paid on the last working day of each month.  Teaching staff appointed for the fall semester receive their salary in four checks (September through December) and for the spring semester in five installments (January through May).