Linda Gallo

Professor Emeritus


Email: Linda Gallo

Office: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Course organization, course design, course evaluation, handout organization/preparation in large and small lecture format and in problem-based learning format

As an emeritus professor, I no longer have a direct involvement in teaching. It remains my belief that the learning experience for students in the classroom should be outstanding. For this to happen the delivery of information must be clear, organized, and hold the interest of the student (perhaps through interactive activity). Handouts (hard copy or Power Point slides) must be organized, follow the lecture material, and be error-free. My experience leads me to conclude that the mechanics in teaching (such as speaking loudly enough, writing large enough, adhering to the handout without digressing) are equally as important as content.

50 scientific peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals derived from the mentoring and directing the research of MS. and PhD students.