Faculty and Librarian Recruitment: A Shared Responsibility

Recruitment is a shared responsibility, with a number of individuals and administrative offices playing important roles. Please review the general responsibilities of administrative offices, departments and search committees below.

Faculty Recruitment and Personnel Relations

The Office of Faculty Recruitment and Personnel Relations is responsible for supporting and monitoring faculty and librarian recruitment activities. FRPR involvement covers the planning stages up to the appointment offer. FRPR works closely with deans, library directors, department chairs and search committees to promote equal access to employment and to maintain a diverse faculty and librarian workforce.

Deans and Library Directors

Deans and library directors are responsible for setting the stage for an effective recruitment process and a successful outcome. This includes establishing guidelines for recruitment and outreach and appropriately monitoring the recruitment, evaluation and selection processes. In support of the University’s commitment to equal opportunity, and to promote a diverse workforce, Deans and library directors are also responsible for ensuring departmental/library activities are conducted consistent with the principles set forth in the University’s equal employment policies and procedures

Academic Departments and Libraries

The primary responsibility for recruitment rests with the individual departments and libraries, under the leadership of the chair/director. It is the chair’s/director’s responsibility to work closely with search committees to set the stage for a successful recruitment process and to monitor recruitment activity. Chairs/Directors are responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of educating administrative assistants and search committees about applicable policies and procedures and working with search committees to recruit a diverse applicant pool.

Search Committees

As gatekeepers to the academy, search committees play a pivotal role in the University’s success in recruiting a diverse and highly qualified workforce.   As a result, the University strongly encourages search committee members to comply with University equal employment policies and procedures, to embrace the underlying values of diversity and to work proactively to recruit a diverse applicant pool, including targeted outreach to under-represented groups.


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