Definition of an Applicant

To be considered an applicant for a faculty or librarian position at The George Washington University, a jobseeker must:

  1. Submit application materials, for a specific, open and advertised position, in accordance with the application procedures stated in the relevant position announcement;
  2. Be considered by the relevant department/library for employment in the specific position;
  3. Demonstrate, by way of their application that s/he possesses all basic qualifications for the position; and
  4. At no point in the selection process, prior to receiving an offer of employment remove himself or herself from consideration or otherwise indicates that s/he is no longer interested in the specific position.

All jobseekers must specify the open and advertised position for which they are applying. An individual is not an applicant unless all criteria above are satisfied.

Definition of a candidate for a GW faculty or librarian position

A candidate for a faculty or librarian position is an applicant who, following the normal evaluation and selection processes, is invited to interview for the specific position for which they applied.


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