Guidelines for Verifying Academic Degrees

All undergraduate and graduate degrees must be verified for proposed faculty appointments.  In the Medical Center (SMHS and the Milken Institute School), degrees must be verified for all proposed full-time appointments.  In CCAS, GSEHD, GWSB, ESIA, LAW, and SEAS degrees must be verified for full-time, regular active status appointments (renewable, contract or tenure line appointments) and full-time research appointments. Departments may verify degrees in one of the following ways:

For U.S. Schools:  When recommending the appointment of a candidate holding a degree from a U.S. school, the degree verification must be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Telephone Verification. Verification by phone with the Registrar’s Office (or other similar office depending on the institution) is often a quick way of obtaining the required information. When using this method, individuals assigned this responsibility must note: the name of the office contacted, the name of the person verifying the degree(s), telephone number, the date, the degree granted, and the date the degree was conferred.
  • On-line verification. Some U.S. schools have outsourced data management to organizations (for instance, National Student Clearinghouse) that maintain degree and attendance data for former students. Degree verifications obtained this way should be in the form of a certificate, letter, email or a computer screen printout, depending on the way the data are provided.
  • Certification Letter. Candidates may arrange for an institution to send a certification letter from the school on official letterhead. This document may be a fax to expedite processing.
  • Certified Transcript. Candidates may request that an institution send an official transcript in an official envelope to a designated individual (or to the candidate). When using this method, the envelope containing the transcript must be sealed, dated and signed or an official seal placed on the back flap.

For Non-U.S. Schools: When recommending the appointment of a candidate holding a degree from a non-U.S. school, departments will need to request one of the following documents from the prospective faculty member:

  • Translated copy of the diploma from a certified translator;
  • Certified transcripts (if issued in English);
  • Notarized copy of the original diploma (if issued in English); or
  • Certification statement from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates noting the medical school and date of graduation.

For “ABD Status” Candidates: A department recommending the appointment of an ABD candidate must obtain a letter from the dissertation advisor explaining the candidate’s status in the relevant program.  The dissertation advisor must state whether the candidate is likely to complete the degree by the specified deadline.  The dissertation advisor’s letter must accompany the Recruitment Process Summary and Proposed Appointment Report.


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