Personnel Relations

Faculty Recruitment and Personnel Relations works to promote a workplace that supports and recognizes employees to allow them to achieve their full potential. We are available to listen to concerns, provide information, offer confidential counseling or referral assistance and to serve as an additional channel for communication for resolving various personnel concerns. FRPR staff and services are a supplement and not a replacement for other university administrative structures or processes.

Assisting Faculty and Librarians

While we encourage open communication and addressing issues directly with relevant individuals, a director, chair, dean, etc., FRPR is available to assist when needed. FRPR often provides information or support with:

  • Rights and responsibilities and University policies and procedures
  • Work relationship difficulties
  • Communication challenges
  • Performance issues
  • Complaints involving allegations of discrimination
  • Referral assistance

FRPR promotes self-directed solutions by:

  • Listening carefully to concerns and complaints
  • Working to clarify issues
  • Explaining relevant policies and procedures
  • Helping to identify options to address concerns
  • Identifying helpful University services and programs
  • Making referrals to other offices as needed
  • Bringing concerns to the attention other university administrators, as appropriate

FRPR is prepared and willing to discuss faculty/librarian concerns and to help identify available options or solutions.


FRPR provides a safe environment for faculty and librarians to share openly their issues and concerns. FRPR is firmly committed to maintaining confidentiality to the full extent consistent with the need to resolve a matter appropriately.

Non-Retaliation Policy

Retaliation against a person who reports or complains of inappropriate conduct or who provides information in an investigation related to a complaint is prohibited. Alleged retaliation will be subject to investigation and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion. View GW's Non-Retaliation policy.

Addressing Concerns

The University has a strong commitment to maintaining a workplace where all individuals are respected, treated fairly and valued for their contributions. If you are a faculty member or a librarian with a question or concern, involving issues related fair and equitable treatment, inappropriate conduct, campus climate, etc. or if you are an administrator seeking advice regarding how to respond to a personnel matter, we are here to assist you. For assistance, please contact the Assistant Vice President for FRPR by emailing [email protected] or calling 202.994.6783.